We Didn't Forget About Your Favorites
Our take on Butter Chicken and Naan are definitely included in our ebook.

We've Included the Entire Menu
Appetizers, Vegetarian, Breads/Rice, Meat Dishes and Desserts - we've covered it all!

High Resolution Pictures and Tips
You'll find beautiful color pictures of East Indian dishes as well as special tips to make your dishes perfect.

Our Inspiration

This first installment of Flavors of India is inspired by the amazing interest we’ve received for our YouTube channel: Eat East Indian. With 6,000+ subscribers and 3.2+ million views in the last 18 months we quickly realized there was quite an ‘appetite’ to learn how to cook Indian cuisine. Eat East Indian features over 150 videos showing how simple it is to prepare Indian food right in your own home.


Our eBook features 30 Delicious Indian Recipes.

Now 60% off: $2.99

From vegetarian dishes originating in Southern India to appetizers from Maharashtra we know that you’ll be amazed by the different flavors you’ll be able to create. 

Eat East Indian
                            A Taste of India

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